#43 Usagi’s Missing Father

MoonSticks #43 Usagi's Missing Father featuring Usagi Tsukino, Luna, Queen Serenity and Kenji Tsukino.

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187 thoughts on “#43 Usagi’s Missing Father”

  1. Interesting. My theroy was that if your a sailor then you can only have 1 child (thats cannon) and they would be chibi of that planet until their mother died or released their powers.

    1. But Usagi has two children (one of which is less known): Chibiusa and Kousagi. Kousagi is the second born of Usagi and Mamoru but she only appears in “Parallel Sailor Moon” where she becomes an Unnamed Sailor Senshi.

        1. The one child theory was just that, a theory. Setsuna didn’t want Chibiusa to travel back in time because if she changed anything, there would be a parallel universe created. She did anyway, so “our” universe was created, and therefore, “our” universe is the parallel one. Setsuna said herself that the one child theory was based on Neo Queen Serenity only having one. She said nothing about the future “our” Usagi would make for herself, and she had two daughters. Chibiusa and Kousagi. Long story short, Parallel Sailor Moon features the Usagi we all know and love. Besides, it said Chibiusa was 15, not 900+ like the other universe.

          1. Actually Naoko made a statement that Parallel Sailor Moon was a contribution for the Year of the Rabbit as well as a way for her to explore the possibility of Usagi changing her mind and taking the easy way out when Guardian Cosmos offered her to toss her troublesome life aside and start anew with the path of a new star, meaning she wouldn’t be a senshi as well as she would be able to bear multiple children if she so wished.

            (Chibichibi was speculated to be Chibiusa’s sister, but that was discounted too with Sailor Vesta saying that Lunarians can only have one child, Sailor Pallas and Sailor Juno confirm it. )

  2. Wait hang on a minute. If usagi was born from queen serenity wouldnt make her chibi moon? Because arent true sailor scouts born from the galaxy caldron (damn spelling)? Meaning her dad was a sailor too or else she was adopted? I have just realized how little effort she put into this part…

    1. In the Silver Millennium, there was no Sailor Moon. So Queen Serenity wouldn’t have been Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity wouldn’t be Chibi Moon for the same reason. The Moon family has the power of the ginzuishou (I probably spelled that wrong) but it doesn’t manifest into a senshi form until Luna awakens Usagi in the present era. Even if there was a Sailor Moon in the Silver Millennium, in the present-Tokyo area there was no Sailor Moon before Usagi in that era so it wouldn’t make sense to be Chibi Moon when nobody else was holding the position of Sailor Moon. Chibiusa is Chibi Moon in the past because she is training and her mother currently claims the Sailor Moon title at that time. That is how I always understood it. Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense.

      And yeah you’re right about the Cauldron. In the view of the manga, all the stars and souls in the galaxy come from the Galaxy Cauldron. :)

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