Fan Gifts

This page displays some of the lovely gifts awesome readers have sent me :) I never expect or ask for presents, so these really put a smile on my face.
Thank you so so much! You guys rock! :D

From Jolanda

Gift from Jolanda (07.09.13)
“Your comics are AWESOME!!!!!”

From BeautifulBlondeBangs

Gift from Meredith (BeautifulBlondeBangs) (28.03.12)

From spike110

Usagi defeating Pharao90 from spike110 (16.07.10)
“My little gift for MoonSticks. Her comics are hilarious :D And in a way, her artwork inspired me to start drawing on the computer again so thank you Jen ;)
… I’ve tried to draw it in Chibi-Jennifer’s style, and actually I’ve never thought how exhausting and time consuming it is to draw that, even though it looks so simple XD”

From Digilee

JenSticks – 23rd Birthday Art from Digilee (25.05.10)
“My little art piece is Sailor Moon fighting back with her own comic which has her using Moon Spiral Heart Attack on Jen. I thought it was funny, maybe its just me o.o… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!”

From Cycyn

By Cycyn (Sailor Moon Obsession) (26.06.08)

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  1. HOW DO I SEND YOU SOMETHING? Maybe my gif will work if I do…

    No. I’ll make something better than a gif. Something actually good.


  2. That really amazing!!!!!!!! And to tell. The truth, and ARE the ONLY websites I will always be on!!!!

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