Exclusive Sailor Moon Chibi Dolls

Adopt a super adorable ‘Chibi Doll’ and display it on your own website/blog! Think of these as MoonSticks souvenirs. I’ve spent many hours of hard work on them, so please kindly link them back to MoonSticks.org, so others know where you got them from :3

• Please only display a maximum of 5 dolls.
• Do not alter/edit these dolls in any way, including turning them into avatars/icons/graphics. Thank you and enjoy! :D

Sailor Senshi

Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Sailor Chibimoon Chibi Doll
Sailor Moon (Classic) | Sailor Chibimoon
Sailor Mercury Chibi Doll Sailor Mars Chibi Doll Sailor Jupiter Chibi Doll Sailor Venus Chibi Doll
Sailor Mercury | Sailor Mars | Sailor Jupiter | Sailor Venus
Sailor Uranus Chibi Doll Sailor Neptune Chibi Doll Sailor Pluto Chibi Doll Sailor Saturn Chibi Doll
Sailor Uranus | Sailor Neptune | Sailor Pluto | Sailor Saturn
Sailor V Chibi Doll
Sailor V

Sailor Starlights, Princess Kakyuu, Chibichibi

Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Sailor Star Healer Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Princess Kakyuu/Fireball Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Sailor Star Maker Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon Chibi Doll
Sailor Star Fighter | Sailor Star Healer | Princess Kakyuu/Fireball | Sailor Star Maker | Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

Friends of Senshi/Guardians

Tuxedo Kamen Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Human Luna/Princess Kagaya Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Helios Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Moonlight Knight Chibi Doll
Tuxedo Kamen | Human Luna (Super Movie) | Helios | Moonlight Knight (tsukikage no nait)

Royal Characters

Queen Serenity Chibi Doll Prince Endymion Chibi Doll
Queen Serenity | Prince Endymion

Minor/Misc Characters

The Dark Kingdom

The Doom Tree (Makaiju) Arc Aliens

Alan/Ail Sailor Moon Chibi Doll An Sailor Moon Chibi Doll Fiore Sailor Moon Chibi Doll
Aliens: Al | An | Fiore (Sailor Moon R: Promise of a Rose)

The Black Moon Clan

Black Lady Chibi Doll
Black Lady

The Death Busters

The Dead Moon Circus

Tiger Eye Chibi Doll Hawks Eye Chibi Doll Fish Eye Chibi Doll
Tiger Eye | Hawks Eye | Fish Eye
Queen Nehellenia Chibi Doll
Queen Nehellenia

Shadow Galactica: Animamates

Super S Movie Characters

SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musicals)

SeraMyu - Eternal Sailor Moon Chibi Doll
Eternal Sailor Moon (dedicated to Kanbe Miyuki)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action (PGSM)

PGSM - Sailor Moon Chibi Doll PGSM - Sailor Mercury Chibi Doll PGSM - Sailor Mars Chibi Doll PGSM - Sailor Jupiter Chibi Doll PGSM - Sailor Venus Chibi Doll
Sailor Moon | Sailor Mercury | Sailor Mars | Sailor Jupiter | Sailor Venus