#43 Usagi’s Missing Father

MoonSticks #43 Usagi's Missing Father featuring Usagi Tsukino, Luna, Queen Serenity and Kenji Tsukino.

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  1. In the cases of shoujo and mahou shoujo media, most often, any extraneous male characters are not present. It usually focuses on the heroine’s family (in this case, her Earth father Kenji Tsukino and her brother Shingo Tsukino), any crushes (Motoki Furuhata), classmates (Gurio Umino) and love interests (Mamoru Chiba)

    A number of family members are absent, dead, or divorced for the 10 Guardians. What even bears any semblance of family outside of Usagi’s household is in Rei’s household is she lives with her grandfather and his apprentice, Yuuichirou Kumada in the anime and of course the Outer Guardian team.

    If anything, King Serenity (placeholder name) likely died prior to the birth of Princess Serenity, leaving the kingdom to become a queendom.

  2. actually I’m pretty sure it’s implied in the


    At the end of the Manga in the cauldron, that Serenity was a virgin birth

  3. 1: The Silver Millennium does not refer to Usagi s’ past life, but to the 1000 years in which the Moon Kingdom existed, times of wars, magic, legends, lost technology, and immortal matriarchs.
    2: Queen Serenity gave birth to Princess Serenity by using her Star Seed. They look exactly the same, the same silver-white hair, the same Star Seed (Illusionary Silver Crystal). Look at Usagi and Chibiusa; their hair is very different, Usagi has strawberry-blonde, straight, and noodle-like hair while Chibiusa has light pink, wavy, poofy hair. Usagi s’ Star Seed is still the Illusionary Silver Crystal, but Chibiusa’s Star Seed is the Pink Moon Crystal.
    3: Kenji did not hear Luna, he just came over from work, and is already crying when Luna says her line in the fourth panel. And even if he heard Luna s’ voice, Kenji would just think he heard voices while sweating and panting a little, then drop the suitcase, open the door, and find Usagi saying she was “practicing different voices for a (ventriloquism\animated) show”. Which she is propably gonna say once Kenji enters Usagi s’ room again after eating some noodles and taking an afternoon nap.

      1. You can read in Sailor Moon Wikia, Silver Millennium refers to a time.
        “The Silver Millennium was a peaceful time period during the prehistoric age when the Moon Kingdom existed, along with the rest of the Solar System. It provides a setting for the past lives and future selves of most of the series’ major characters, and functions as a major driving force behind both plot and characterization.

        The original Silver Millennium is portrayed as an ancient Golden Age, marked by peace, prosperity, and good relations between the people of Earth and Moon. The English dub states that the Moon Kingdom existed one thousand years ago, but the original manga made it prehistoric. Despite its name, the Silver Millennium appears to have lasted much longer than a thousand years.”


  4. It’s my belief she had no dad. In the manga it is said queen serenity felt something hot brewing inside her and she knew her daughter would be born, blessed from the galaxy cauldron. The senshi were also born of the cauldron but just to their planets, no mothers, to protect this special soul that would be princess serenity. Serenity is all about rebirth. With the death of the silver millennium and her rebirth on earth, she was reborn with the power of a senshi. Her mother even tells her be grateful you are both a princess and senshi, because she could not transform andfightlike her friends before.

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