Sailor Uranus is playing soccer

Sailor Uranus playing soccer, with Seiya as the referee

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75 thoughts on “Sailor Uranus is playing soccer”

  1. LOL
    maybe Haruka’s too enthusiastic for this year world cup event :p
    I always like the scenes between them, how one each other try to protect usagi with their own way XD

  2. *Laughs* No wonder they didn’t got her in the japanese game X3, Ruka me love you!!! *Gives Seiya a menacing look*

  3. Damn! How could i miss this? XD What the.. :p

    Well enjoy the World Cup! I’ll do the same ^^ (germany UH UH UH! .. well.. i’m not from germany but austria isn’t palying xD We are soo bad at this game :/ But we’ll be back at the winter games! xD)

    Looking forward to your next comic! :D


    P.S: Which team do you prefer? :D

  4. awwww….ill mis ur comicks hope u have fun tell us who wins i dont watch that stuff(main reason i dony watch it is i cant get the remote from my mom lol)

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