#55 Minako’s True Colours

MoonSticks #55 Minako's True Colours featuring Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars and Artemis
Or maybe she has always been like that 8D

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118 thoughts on “#55 Minako’s True Colours”

  1. lol, agreed! It’s exactly like you drew it : She’s pretty serious at first, then I always felt her “real” personality came out of nowhere. I mean you never feel Minako is such a clutz until the Nurse Venus episode, where everything goes downhill. And then, she goes all out beginning in season 3!

    I feel she’s by far the character whos personality evolves the most throughout the entire serie.

  2. Hi Chibi Jennifer, I loove your comic strips, especially when you feature Minako/Mina or Sailor V/Sailor Venus because I was named after the goddess Venus (Yup Venus is my real name.) I also like the other Sailor Senshi/Scouts because I’m a hot-headed like Rei, I’m also a girly-tomboy like Mako. Keep up the good work.

    Hearts & Chains,

    1. You don’t get it: Minako(the one in the image) was originally as cool as the Outer Senshi when she appeared, but she became more like Usagi as the series went on. That’s the bad influence we’re talking about.

  3. hey Rei! don´t blame Usagi! Mina was silly since before
    -.-‘ … she only had a few first days of seriousness at the beggining :P

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