Sailor Uranus is playing soccer

Sailor Uranus playing soccer, with Seiya as the referee

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75 thoughts on “Sailor Uranus is playing soccer”

  1. Wow, you went with my suggestion. Sad to see Australia out of the WC.

    It is all Chiquidracula’s fault. Marco Antonio Rodriguez, the ref of the Australia VS Germany game. That is his nickname, after a comedy character from Mexico named Chiquidracula. To understand it better, it would be Chibidracula. Maybe you should do a strip on Marco aka Chibidracula.

  2. I’m sad that you’re taking a break, since I’ve become so addicted to this lovely site just a few months ago. Can’t wait until you come back with more! And to Sailor Uranus, I’m sorry but I love Seiya so I’ll have to side with him on this one! :)

  3. A red card for a hand ball? Star Fighter is strict! Maybe it’s a throw in and Uranus just doesn’t have her other hand on the ball.

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