#46 Zirconia’s Revenge

MoonSticks #46 Zirconia's Revenge featuring Amazones Quartetto PallaPalla, VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, Zirconia and Zircon of the Dead Moon Circus

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95 thoughts on “#46 Zirconia’s Revenge”

  1. Palapala is my fave she so cute lol

    and i dont get why those little girls have grown boobies in the anime :|

  2. Did anybody else notice in panel 3 zirconia’s coat is frowning. I absolutely adore your comics chibi jen. Please don’t stop.

      1. The face in the third box is comedy GOLD!!!! I NEED this for my desktop wallpaper!!!
        <3 U chibijen!!!

      2. Zirc the Jerk is a physical manifestation of the evil that was within the mirror that corrupted Nehelenia. If you compare her face towards the end of the series when she sticks her head out of the mirror with Zirc’s face you will see a major similarity.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg i love Zirconia’s face in the third box! HAHAHAHAH im gonna start laughing again….oh god….thats priceless xD

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