#46 Zirconia’s Revenge

MoonSticks #46 Zirconia's Revenge featuring Amazones Quartetto PallaPalla, VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, Zirconia and Zircon of the Dead Moon Circus

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95 thoughts on “#46 Zirconia’s Revenge”

  1. Oh Zircon, you silly flying eyeball!

    I wonder how he takes pictures… And how he breaks into those people’s houses!? O_O

      1. and also didt they had a ball that they can see everything and the 1st panel was so cute she is so cute like she grown but looks like chibiusa!!!!!!!chibi jenifer the pictures r so good that the 1st panel looks so cute!!!

  2. So if you giggle in your sleep, Zircon is on your tail? ^_^

    This was great – I was on the floor laughing!

  3. I really enjoy this one! It’s pretty funny. And poor Amazoness Quartet. Always being picked on by Zirconia. It’s good they rebelled against her! And these are really well drawn!

    I’m glad that you are back from your break! I hope that you had a fun time!

    1. Thank you! It’s great that you enjoyed it :D

      I always found the Amazoness Quartet to be really amusing and really liked them rebelling against her! Poor Zirconia too though, no one pays respect for the old lady (The Amazon Trio did, but it’s her fault for getting rid of them XD)

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