[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Senshi Character Designs

 [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal] character designs have been revealed, along with the voice acting cast AND official air date! Click here for more info on Sailor Moon Crystal and to see the trailer!!
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99 thoughts on “[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]”

  1. I hate Crystal, I would probably be ‘meh’ if they didn’t add the senshi romance. Oh gosh no….. I mean, if they handled it correctly, HECK YES! But come on, they had NO IDEA what to do….. ‘sigh’ Dreams have fallen.

  2. To be honest, I stopped watching Crystal after they killed the Shitennou; having Metallia one-shotting them was *so* cheapskate! At the very least, give Endymion’s guards a chance to get back at Beryl and Metallia for brainwashing them.

    More importantly, I WANT the Shitennou/Senshi pairings expanded! By killing the Shitennou off, it’s like telling the Inner Senshi: ‘Your love lives aren’t as important as Endymion/Serenity.’

    1. hmm..that scene WAS pretty bad ^^” It felt like the directors didn’t really know what to do with them, so it was the easy way out of getting rid of them. The Black Moon Arc is a lot more solid though, if you feel like giving it another chance :)

      1. [quote] that scene WAS pretty bad ^^” [/quote]

        I know right! What’s the point of keeping the Shitennou alive for *so long* just to have them killed in under five seconds!?

  3. I love straight relationships in any anime form(btw I’m a girl), there has been any hetero coupling in magical girl shows lately. I wish magical girl shows would go back to that.

    1. I like straight ships too, but it’s cute to see everyone represented, not jus the ‘Cinderella story’ fiormat. Also, did you forget about Michi and Haruka?


    Oh well. I’m sorry, Chibi. If the internet will not be kind to me, maybe it just needs to be punished… In the name of the moon…

  5. I’m worried about sailor moon Crystal because Usagi falls for Mamoru, marries him, and has a child with him. Otakus nowadays don’t like straight relationships in magical girl shows; they’ll probably rage over it. Also hopefully Crystal will show nanoha and madoka that you can make a show accessible to males and females with getting gratuitous about it.

      1. Agreed… I mean Sailor moon is really what medias SHOULD present in sexual relationship… by presenting both heterosexual and homosexuality in a equally positive way. It dose not condemn one or the another.

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