[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Senshi Character Designs

 [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal] character designs have been revealed, along with the voice acting cast AND official air date! Click here for more info on Sailor Moon Crystal and to see the trailer!!
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99 thoughts on “[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]”

      1. This is my life story.
        The year before last, my friend started watching Sailor Moon. She didn’t get very far but she recommended it to me. I din’t want to watch it because I thought it’d be too girly. Then I found these comics and I decided to watch it because they were so funny! I BECAME SO OBSESSED THAT I WOULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT EVER AND EVERYBODY WHO KNOWS ME WAS KILLED FROM AN EXPLOSION OF OBSESSIVE HYPE. NOW THEY MUST PREPARE THEMSELVES TO DIE AGAIN, BUT EVEN WORSE THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah, I know. I need to calm down.

          1. Awww, that just made me happy :3
            Because yeah. I pretty much owe the ‘me’ that I am to you and your comics. (and that’s a good thing, by the way)
            So… Thanks.


            GOT IT!


            It’s pretty crap, but yeah… I didn’t know how to make gifs before this so… A picture paints a thousand words? Or… something?


      1. Well differences aside I think the series could use a good modernization
        to the 21st century. Like they did for Batman, James Bond, and Sherlock Holmes
        in the west.

        So what do yuo think they could do to improve the new series from the original.

        1. I’m sure the outfit the girls wear on a daily basis would change from the 90s fashion. I think it could be similar to PGSM (live action version) where they may use a cellphone instead of communicator watch devices. Not sure XD

  1. This is gonna be nice, I hope that the adaptation of the first arc is good and they decide to adapt the whole manga >w<
    It would be cool to see the Sailor Quartet, they didn't appear outside the manga…

  2. I’m so excited to see the new anime! I hope it goes well, I would love to see the Outer Senshi in the new design….they hardly get enough love. ^^’

    1. It would definitely be interesting to see the manga plotline in anime form :D Imagine SuperS and Stars WITH the Outer senshi!!

      (I think I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, hahah!)

      1. It’s okay to get ahead of yourself.
        It really would be fun to see more of the Outer Senshi in SuperS and Stars like in the manga.
        Hopefully we’ll get to seem them! X3

  3. Rei’s design looks really very nice. It captures her manga personality almost perfectly. I’m looking forward to this cooler, more composed version of the priestess (especially since this time boys will be the last thing on her mind).

    1. I agree :D Her look seems the most different compared to the original 90s anime. I really liked watching Rei in PGSM, so if her anime personality is closer to the manga it should be quite fresh as well ^___^

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