Sailor Moon can’t keep up with Uranus!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus are chained together

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72 thoughts on “Sailor Moon can’t keep up with Uranus!”

  1. Awww. I hope that your break goes nice for you! And I really enjoy this one! Maybe Sailor Moon should try her Moon Healing Escalation on you? lol. That might help!

  2. T______________________________________________________________________________T~

    good for you.. i hope you have a fine break and find the time to relax that you need ;)





  3. Have a great break!

    Thank you so much for creating these. They really do brighten my week, and I’m sure your other fans agree when I say that your hard work and effort is appreciated. Plus, you always let us know when you will not be updating. You are awesome :)

  4. LOVE this!!! They’re way too cute!! haha I especially loved watching that episode and that little motor cyclist toy is so adorable. Very fitting artwork! I hope you’re not exhausted as sailormoon there though lol

    Enjoy your break- Come back soon! Will anticipate your return :)

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