Sailor Moon can’t keep up with Uranus!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus are chained together

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72 thoughts on “Sailor Moon can’t keep up with Uranus!”

  1. You always come up with the most adorable hiatus comics. Enjoy your break, you defiantly deserve it. ^.^

  2. engoy your break i sad now but i luv the pic and i can still look forwered to my poreos (poreotix on america’s best dance crew!!) and my sayla moon nights,2 hours of nonstop sailor moon live action here i come! i get off topic very easly but this is important!!

    1. 4 me you post on thursday so even after poreotix win tommorow and the show’s over i still have something to look forward to on thurs!

  3. Aw no more comics. Oh well, the picture of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon is funny though! xD Happy Easter! :D

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