Happy Birthday Usagi & Chibiusa

Happy Birthday Usagi and Chibiusa for June 30th. MoonSticks art by Chibi Jennifer

Happy Birthday to our dear Usagi and Chibiusa for June 30! I was inspired to draw this piece after seeing the new manga artwork they made for the online fan meeting ^^ I wonder if there will be any official announcements today? *cough* Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 *cough* Wouldn’t that be great? :)

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19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Usagi & Chibiusa”

  1. They look so cute! even though i hate chibiusa so much i just think this is a once in t=a lifetime picture of chibi usa looking good, I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Usagi/Serena and Rini! BTW, it’s a pity they haven’t done an episode of Sailor Moon or a double length/movie special where a new female evil queen swaps the Sailor Guardians’ powers around. Let’s say it would be a wackier version of Magical Mystery Cure, with some action, singing and stuff. For example:

    Ami with Moon’s powers and Usagi with Mercury power and 300+ IQ! (“Why do I feel a need to be a doctor, Ami? Can I do this and still be Neo Queen Serenity?”

    Rini with Hotaru’s powers and Hotaru with Mini Moon power! “Hotaru? Why am I wearing a lot of black now?”

    Also, Makoto/Lita with Uranus power and Haruka/Amara with Jupiter powers, Rei with Venus power and Minako in red shoes with Mars power, also, Neptune can now Dead Scream with the best of them with Pluto’s powers and Setsuna with water (Neptune Power).

    Lastly for now, Unazuki as Tuxedo Maskette and Mamoro as a waitress!

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