#9 Haruka & Michiru Gone Wrong

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic #9 - Haruka & Michiru Lesbian Cousins Gone Wrong featuring Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus and Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune. A parody comic about Sailor Uranus and Neptune being called cousins instead of lesbians.

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236 thoughts on “#9 Haruka & Michiru Gone Wrong”

  1. Well, you can be sure I don’t express affection to my cousins in THAT way ^^;
    I always knew about UranusxNeptune, in Spain was never really subtle and I loved them.

  2. I am more intrigued at wondering how on earth did the grill knew Haruka is a girl when 5 school girls and one Star Fighter mistook her as a boy.

    1. I thought Haruka was first drawn to be not that feminine (no eyelashes, boy clothes). She did become more feminine over time, and I was wondering if Takeuchi did it because she couldn’t draw guys that well.

  3. I hate all those people who say if they are cousins they suck.What if the SM fans parents disapprove of homosexuality??Its for their OWN good!You’re just fans of the Japanese one………sorry I was angry -.- I can’t control it -.-

    1. It is actually funny. In the past when there looked like there would be no hope of the S Season getting dubbed due to Haruka and Michiru’s relationship, fans would say, “They are awesome characters and I want the S season dubbed! Make them sisters/cousins/really good friends if you have to!”

      Those fans got their wish. -__-

      Truthfully, I think those who say Amara and Michelle suck is because they actually do suck – some just like to add in the cousin bit for icing on the cake. The dub destroyed their characters as well as Sailor Pluto’s. They did do a better job with Rini from S Season on, though. Dic’s dubbing of the R Season ruined her. -__-

  4. I’m beyond excited about this remake I too am 24 and I remember watching sailor moon as a child but never felt an attachment to any of the sailor scouts until Haruka and Michiru came into play.i totally crushed on Haruka and didn’t put two and two together until I found my fiancé Keira.I’ll be beyond happy if they are lovers instead of cousins which upset me as I live in Canada

    1. haha yes! They will definitely no longer be cousins if Sailor Moon Crystal gets to show the third season :D Regardless though, I think we can at least all be excited that VizMedia is releasing Sailor Moon (90s anime) in its full uncut, uncensored glory :D

  5. I’m 24 and grew up watching the English Dub of Sailor Moon. Haruka and Michiru came into the storyline when I was around 13-14, and I instantly knew that they were lovers. I’m bisexual myself, something I didn’t fully discover and accept until I was 20 when I began a lesbian relationship with a college classmate (we’re both bi, and, as I found out recently when she posted her excitement over the new Sailor Moon: Crystal anime and manga, both fans of SM.) While discussing the changes that would occur, she posted: (and I quote…) “One thing’s for sure. Haruka and Michiru ain’t ‘cousins’ this time around…! :)”

    1. haha yaaay! I really hope the new anime gets to cover all the seasons :3 I would love to see Haruka and Michiru in Sailor Moon Crystal ^^

      I think it’s also great that you were able to discover yourself :) All the best!

      1. Totally agree… and thanks a bunch. I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years, and we are very, very happy together. :)

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