#75 Posing for Battle

Sailor Moon Crystal Parody Comic Strip 'Posing for Battle' featuring Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Luna and the Shitennou of the Dark Kingdom. A hilarious look at their elaborate introduction poses.

I had a good laugh when I first saw Sailor Mars’ elaborate pose ^.^ Too bad they later changed it… maybe the producers thought it was a bit over the top too? XD Are you also enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal the reboot so far? :)

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151 thoughts on “#75 Posing for Battle”

  1. OMG, this comic… I’ve seen them all but this is my fav. Every time I see it I nearly pee myself laughing…. everything about it. XD

    1. Hi Kaylee! I’m still alive and have been following Sailor Moon Crystal ;D A lot has been happening with my life recently so I haven’t had the energy to make more comics. Hope to pump something out soon though :)

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