#74 [Crystal] Act 1 Usagi – Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal MoonSticks Comic/Doujinshi #74 Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon featuring Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon and Luna

Our first [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal] comic! Hope you like it! :D

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129 thoughts on “#74 [Crystal] Act 1 Usagi – Sailor Moon”

  1. Chibi Usa softly kisses her Mistress awake!

    I watched the second episode of Sailor Moon when I woke up:

    Storyline: As some might have guessed, they are going with the manga format and getting the Sailor Senshi together. To some degree I’m going to miss the early battles when it was just Sailor Moon or one or two of the other magical girls with her. Those were some of the best episodes because it allowed Usagi to develop as a heroine and bond with the others. Now there were some subtle changes in the episode, for one thing Ami actually used the brainwashing disk, in both the original anime and the manga, Ami never used the disk because she didn’t need to. Of course the battle was changed because of this, which allowed Tux Boy to give Sailor Moon a lift. I did miss the bit about Luna landing on Ami’s head although it was mentioned in passing by Ami (“She fell from the sky like an angel from the heavens”). The use of Usagi’s dreams is very interesting and I did like the way Ami visualized when Usagi first touched her.

    Graphics: Once more much improved FPS speed and use of colors and designs here. The characters are sharp and individual in build and size. The background work is very good and still have the retro feel to it, although it was interesting to see Usagi does have her own laptop (Product advertising! Be the first one to have your very own Sailor Moon Laptop!), which makes you wonder what Sailor Mercury’s mini-computer will look like.

    Voice Acting: This was very good, so far each person really do make their character will pop.

    Preview: It does look like Rei is next up to bat so expect the Haunted Bus episode.

    1. I’m interested in how they will portray Rei… considering she had MAJOR character change in the anime…
      Will she be dead serious no-nonsense character or will she be hot-blooded bully?
      ( I am willing to bet on the first case…)

      1. I really enjoyed it as well! It was great I’m so excited for the rest of the episodes. I’ve also been rewatching the old series as well, ahhh the memories.

  2. I’ve always thought these were cute, but this might be the first one that made me laugh out loud. Nice work!

  3. I have been reading your web comics for awhile now and I have loved every single one of them!! You are great at what you do, a great artist and sooo funny! :)

    I love this one too and I hope you are able to do one for each of the new episodes.

    1. Hi Millicent! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment ^___^ I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them! Don’t worry, I also plan to keep making a comic for each Crystal episode :D

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