#71 Mamoru Belongs to Me! Part II

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujin #71 Mamoru Belongs to Me! Part II featuring Chiba Mamoru, Fiore, Black Lady, Mimete, FishEye and En

Part I: #70 Mamoru Belongs to Me!

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303 thoughts on “#71 Mamoru Belongs to Me! Part II”

  1. Wh-when did you change Mamoru’s line?

    (Not that this one isn’t funny, I was just caught by surprise)

  2. Woww, I didn’t realize this picture got an update, when did it happen ? This seems news to me as there used to be less Mamoru-fangirls (although the fanboys still stay lol) on this one iirc XD

    Queen Beryl’s posterior is still pretty supreme as always lol though not as crazy as the Kunzite one hahahah XDD

    Odd enough that she seems to care less (= have more faith in Mamoru) back in the 90s version with this many competitors (and many more if we add Rei, Esmeraude, and some of the CotDs like the policewoman and the baloon Lemures from that one SuperS episode into the count) but being insecure and jealous towards Chibi-Usa in Crystal ^^”

    1. haha I only updated this one 2 days ago :) A lot of people kept asking where Queen Beryl was without realising this was meant to be a part 2… so I decided to add her in just for fun :) (And Chibiusa as well, heeeeee)

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