101 thoughts on “#69 A Timely Death”

  1. I also wondered that and this could be a blooper for PGSM Act 47:
    Minako:Princess…..no Usagi change the fate of this planet
    and finally Artemis, I love…..
    Rei:Hold on a minute!Usagk should use the Silver Crystal to revive Minako!

  2. oh come on, can’t they blast through?, i mean, uranus could make a whole on the floor with her attack.

  3. Poor Pluto. Even more, the whole season was the fight of “sacrifices” or “no sacrifices”. “We can save this world without any sacrifices as long as we work together!”

    Uh… Hotaru’s physical body was diminished and only reformed as Sailor Saturn for the ability to bring destruction and Pluto died to help save the world. There was a sacrifice… but it is okay, because Hotaru was reborn as a baby and no one cares about poor Pluto (her death won’t save the world and her existence won’t destroy it, so who cares, right? -__-)

    I kind of wished Uranus or Neptune threw those facts into Sailor Moon’s face when they were egging her on during their last confrontation with her in that season…

    1. And yet she’s perfectly fine by Stars for some reason. Moving her Time Stop moment from the R Manga to the S Anime wasn’t a very good move IMO.

  4. *Put on sad touching music*

    A touching moment between the Outer Senshi then Uranus mess it up. *stops the music*

    Tho honestly I would have said the same thing and probably get hit for it XD

    LAMO woo outer Senshi moments XD

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