#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia

MoonSticks #63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia featuring Queen Nehellenia and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

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114 thoughts on “#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia”

  1. Hahahah best one yet! I CANT wait till the next one comes out (HINT HINT) i think you should make one about usagi going on a very long car trip and one where shes waiting for 2013 also u should make one about shes reading a magazine and sailor moon came in second ( or third ) in a anime contest. Another idea is she had a dream about being an bad guy or, or, or i have many other ideas so if you want more just ask! ( btw if u read up to this point im suprised)

  2. I love this so much xD you come up with things I’ve never even thought about and it’s hilarious. Please, amuse me further *waves hand regally* Carry on! ;P

  3. Haha I was totally thinking the same thing in that scene even though she is feeling sorry for her at the same time. XD
    *hugs Usagi*

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