#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia

MoonSticks #63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia featuring Queen Nehellenia and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

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114 thoughts on “#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia”

  1. Haha poor poor Usagi

    Can I make a suggestion? Did you know that the Italian dub of Stars had the male Starlights “call on their twin sisters” for battle? So…what were the males doing during battle time o.o?

      1. Aww…but yeah that makes sense, if you have to explain the joke, it loses the humor ^^”

        What about something with the inconsistent English Dub attack names?

  2. Because when it comes to being pitiful, Usagi takes the cake (perhaps even literally). Thank you for the lovely update, Jen. : ) One can never have enough MoonSticks~ <3

  3. That would be Usagi: crying because she is so empathetic or because she’s beaten up. I don’t blame her for either accounts. Also, love the “Come on, hate me” line.

  4. LOL Usagi totally trolls the Queen of Darkness in this one ! Way to go, Chibi Jen ! xDD

    Nehellenia in this situation should be made into a meme that goes like : I don’t always have people cry for me, but when I do, …..oh wait.. or maybe not… ;A; :foreveralone:

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