#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia

MoonSticks #63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia featuring Queen Nehellenia and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

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114 thoughts on “#63 Poor Lonely Queen Nehellenia”

  1. id bet usagi can take it better than me, it will take an hour or two JUST to decide to go through the thorns or not if I’d decided to go through the thorns id die in the first few thorns!:-D keep up the great work chibi jen!!!!

  2. Has anyone suggested using Jupiter’s ‘talent’ to you yet? English dub uses talent, but the original Japanese said she had the biggest bust. :3

  3. I hear about the Sailor Moon reboot, but it got pushed to 2014. I am re-watching the english dub, which is what I grew up on, and then I’ll probably try and watch the original japanese version. I know that some episodes and quite a few scenes were cut and there are some other differences. And I want to read the manga as well. Now for the manga that is new, is it just the original story, just with more accurate translations and the original names and some bonus art conent?
    One thing is that I really loved the way the version of Sailor Moon I grew up on was drawn. So I hope the art in the new one isn’t too different.

      1. Darn! Well, I hope it’s early 2014 like January or Feburary and that they take this time to fine tune the new Anime and make it shine.

  4. and she thought ussgi was worried about her XD, i’d be worrying about how band aids i would need for those cuts XD

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