#54 Where’s Naru-chan? Part II

MoonSticks #54 Where's Naru-chan? Part II featuring Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon and Naru Osaka/Sailor N

A sequel to MoonSticks #18 Where’s Naru-chan?

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119 thoughts on “#54 Where’s Naru-chan? Part II”

  1. Sailor nnn steals usagi and finds out she’s sailor moon they have a epic battle narus back to normal week later they forget about it and are normal friends

    1. Sailor Guardian Moon here, just wanna say that I can’t help my little sister becausze I’m too OP and she would never grow as a Scout or as a person if I fight all here battles for her!

    1. Well, since Mamoru as the Golden Crystal similar to Usagi’s “Legendary Silver Crystal”, his Golden Kingdom was on Earth while Usagi’s Silver Millennium was on the Moon, and he’s Leo, which is controlled by the Sun, Mamoru is, by all technics, Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun.

  2. The irony in this is that Naru pretended to be “Sailor N” in PGSM…where Usagi was “Sailor U!” I’m betting Chibi Jen did that on purpose though, right?

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