#52 When Haruka meets Seiya

MoonSticks #52 When Haruka meets Seiya featuring Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus and Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter

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226 thoughts on “#52 When Haruka meets Seiya”

  1. Who do you think would win in a fight: Haruka or Seiya?
    (Personally, I go for Haruka)

    1. who would win if it were
      michiru vs. haruka and seiya while haruka is trying to kill seiya
      taiki vs. seiya and yaten when they have totaly pissed him off

    2. both would fight for days on end while michiru takes the other starlights and princess kakyuu in her house and watch wall-E and be greatful that DIC didn’t ruin the last season of sailor moon eventualy both would get tired forget why they’re fighting and come inside while they’re watching monsters inc.

    1. Haruka really hates Seiya because Michiru tends to flirt with Seiya. Haruka tends to get jealous because she hates it when any other man (or lesbian) looks upon Michiru. So basically, Haruka is saying that she doesn’t wanna be friends with Seiya: “don’t add me on Facebook.” It’s hilarious!!!

    1. I know your comment is old, but I HAD to respond.

      Well, they ARE making the new anime next year! XD So many possibilities with the new anime entering the 21st century! XD (So, yes, this conversation could be possible if the new anime turned out to be a parody or something. ^^; )

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