#49 Aren’t I good enough?

MoonSticks #49 Aren't I good enough? featuring the Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter, Usagi/Sailor Moon and the Moonlight Knight

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206 thoughts on “#49 Aren’t I good enough?”

  1. Also… XD It woulda’ been sooooo epic for Sir Moonlight Knight to have been there during the Stars season……

    1. As much as I’d love for Seiya and Usagi to get together, I think it would really be wacko and weird if Usagi dumps Mamo for Seiya, afterall..Tuxy is the main male lead of the entire series ^^;;

  2. Aww, everytime I watch the Stars series I always wished Usagi and Seiya where together :3
    I like him more then Mamoru >.<;; even though they are destined to be together with Chibiusa. Sorry Mamo-chan

  3. Poor Seiya …
    I remember when I first saw SMSStars and I found this list of reasons why Seiya was better for Usagi than Mamoru … ;__; I root for Seiya even thought we all know who Usagi chooses.

      1. Not technically a stereotype, but for any KagePro fans:
        Now Shintaro must choose; The trollish cybergirl in his computer, or the dead girl he spent two years locked up in his room depressed about.

        Except Ene wouldn’t ask “Aren’t I good enough?” Because she belongs with Konoha.
        And Mamoru’s not dead. And Seiya’s not a computer program.
        But there’s still debate about who he should be with, so therefore it works.
        Kind of.

        What you say? No KagePro fans here?
        *Locks self up in room for two years out of depression*

  4. seiya was prabably thinking something along the lines of “pick me not him he left remember?
    i always thought that he and haruka made a good couple lol idk why they just seemed so whats the word?

      1. thats a good way to describe them (and thier competitiveness (did i even spell that right?)):)

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