120 thoughts on “#50 Black Lady is Born”

  1. I think it’d go more like this:
    “Lies! You didn’t even remember my birthday!”
    “How could I forget? It’s the same as mine!”
    “I don’t know, HOW DID YOU?!”
    Because let’s be honest, Usagi could totally screw up like that. XD

  2. You should make a comic where ail and ann ask the guy from the movie if they’re related and how they thought they were the sole survivors of the race. Something like ail and ann say we were the last of out kind. Guy from movie shows up. Or something like that.

  3. Do a live action version of it with Dark mercury.
    Dark mercury:I am dark mercury!There’s no use running!
    Sailor moon:Ami chan….I..don’t want to fight you…
    Dark mercury:LIES!You all went your seprate ways!
    Sailor moon:Hey!I have stopped thinking about Mamoru!
    Dark mecury[thinking]:wait….but I don’t want to go back.I love having an arc to myself.
    Dark mercury:Goodbye Usagi!
    narrator:Ami wanted to spend the most of the 5 episodes remaining in the arc to be Dark mercury.

    1. Whoops…..I forgot to tell you this question.Do you like pgsm and how are Black lady and Dark mercury similar…..

  4. she got a grown up and way sexier body than her mom, no way she wants to go back to the fandom hated form..

  5. Usagi should of said that earlier in the anime! I guess Usagi does make a good point and she seems to be smarter in this comic!
    Black Lady: *stumbles* ahhh that’s a good point…Dang it! I had alreadied/already planned this out, i knew what was gonna say blah blah..

    5 minutes before..

    Black Lady: Luna-P! Change into a mirror! *Poof* okay, I’M GONNA KILL YOU COZ YOU NEVER LOVED ME! wow, I am a natural!

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