#45 No Longer A Planet

MoonSticks #45 No Longer A Planet featuring Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meiou, Chibiusa/Small Lady and Luna P

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216 thoughts on “#45 No Longer A Planet”

    1. I have this theory that the creator of “Sailor Moon” had Pluto and Saturn switch powers so that Saturn (as the planet of Death) could be watched on from all sides of the Solar System.

      (That is just what I would do if I had created “Sailor Moon”- I really have no idea why Naoko Takeuchi switched their powers).

  1. wait what????? Pluto is no longer a planet (by the way i was imprisoned on Charon =D [not really just pretend]) WHY????????? I FIND THIS FUNNY BUT WHY IS PLUTO NOT A PLANET ANYMORE??????????

  2. You should’ve seen her when she saw the news report about that! Pluto flipped the table and broke the tv! Rei got mad at her after that but she bought another one! XD

    1. Yeah…She was all “YOU MEANIES OF COURSE PLUTO IS A PLANET OR ELSE WHY AM I A PLANET PROTECTOR?!!!” and then she ran out of the room. I found her crying into her pillow…Poor Pluto. – Celeste

  3. i remember i was in middle school when i first heard the news. i wasnt big into sailor moon at the time like i had used to be, but i drew sailor pluto in my notebook in honor of her xD

  4. Pluto is a planet

    Dear Setsuna,

    Hi. Long time no talk. You know about Pluto not being a planet? If you get kicked out, join us, the dwarf senshis, littlest planets but strongest of the galaxy, and fight for our rights! You have been always a official planet and you will be always!

    –Best Friend, Vivite (aka Sailor Eris)

      1. Liked she’d want your lame boyfriend, little sis! My Jadeite is a billion times hotter than your Endymion!!!!!!

        1. Good to know Tsukino-sama, THAT YOU HAVEN’T STOLEN MY SEIYA AGAIN!!!!! RAAAAH!! RAAAH!!! ‘sun flare hits the moon’ Oops, forgot about imprisonment.

          1. Phhh, Seiya,Jadetite, and Mamoru? Those playas? I got a crush on Taiki,so I don’t have competition.:9

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