#34 Ami & Urawa’s Feelings

MoonSticks #34 Ami & Urawa's Feelings featuring Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino and Ryo Urawa/Greg

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115 thoughts on “#34 Ami & Urawa’s Feelings”

  1. Oh you know what that comic brings up a great point you always thought she loved him and then you watch Ami’s first love and it’s a different story!! That hilarious great point you made in the comic!! :p

  2. XD Urawa was screwed!

    Poor boy got forgotten and counted out. I think he returned in Another Story, so Ami-chan has no excuse to forget him.


    But that was non-canon! ;) lol

    Thanks for the lolz, and welcome back Chibi Jenn. We missed you girlfriend.

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