#32 Missing from SuperS

MoonSticks #32 Missing from SuperS featuring Sailor Uranus/Haruka, Sailor Neptune/Michiru and Sailor Pluto/Setsuna of the Outer Senshi

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181 thoughts on “#32 Missing from SuperS”

  1. Aww, poor Setsuna. She’s my favorite Outer Senshi, too! And what’s with this “giving Chibi Usa more screen time in SuperS?” Why do they hate the Outer Senshi =^(

    Keep writing, ChibiJen!!!!!

    1. and to think Outers did not appear much in Stars ( especially poor Saturn who had LEAST amount of screen time overall.) why creators must be hating on outers.

  2. Indeed, they were really cool characters and I think I would have enjoyed SuperS a lot more if they had included them. I heard that SuperS declined in ratings in Japan because the Outer Senshi weren’t included. And considering that there was a lot of filler, there was plenty of room to include them. As for me, even though I really love the Amazon Trio, SuperS is probably my least favorite season.

    1. SuperS is actually the most popular season in Japan. lol
      It said so in of the Sailor Moon guidebooks. Probably because Chibiusa is such a beloved character in Japan

  3. No they are not (Except Pluto and Saturn. Anyone with the power over time is cool As well as death and rebirth. Although pluto is really the goddess of destruction and saturn is the guardian of time… Yeah) too me uranus was just a whiney bitch. Neptune was nice but still kinda smug being talented in several arts the show off.

    1. Rei was a thousand times more smug in just about every season. In fact, Michiru’s character was very rarely smug. I don’t recall Haruka whining, but, meh. We each like certain characters :3

  4. lolololo
    i love this one!!
    i really missed haruka and michiru in season four!!
    xDD poor pluto
    how did she come back to life in the anime, anyways? xD

      1. Well, technically she was reborn as “Setsuna Meiou” in SuperS, while before, she was just Sailor Pluto. I think she’d appeared very rarely as “Setsuna” during the Super arc, and if anything, it was a disguise, not an actual human identity. After her sacrifice in S (equivalent to the one at the end of the Black Moon arc in the manga), she got to be a normal human WITH Senshi powers, rather than a Senshi with a human disguise.

      2. Yeah :) same here :) No Haruka and Michiru in season 4 – sux :)
        but oh well for a change Amazon Trio – rocks :) (just love english speaking Tiger)

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

    this is sooo funny!!!! i cna´t stop laughing!! HELP!!

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