#32 Missing from SuperS

MoonSticks #32 Missing from SuperS featuring Sailor Uranus/Haruka, Sailor Neptune/Michiru and Sailor Pluto/Setsuna of the Outer Senshi

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181 thoughts on “#32 Missing from SuperS”

  1. Actually in the SuperS special we saw that H&M left town and are somewhere in Okinawa. They decided to look out for each-other, but leave the saving the planet to the inners. It was kind of showing they grew a faith in the inners that they lacked throughout their entire first entrance. Also, their powers added in woulda’ made the season far too short…

  2. in 4th panel,pluto face are priceless.and”damn,you right” makes me laugh! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR MANGA FOREVER!!!

  3. Love this! lol! And it’s the truth, they are the coolest characters in the show XD. And Uranus: “Didn’t you die last season?” Pluto: “Damn,you’re right…” Priceless.

  4. To begin with… I still think Chibi Usa is Setsuna’s child. Just look at the eye colors and the love they share, hahah… anyways… gotta love the shocked faces… and darn Super S… I saw S then skipped SuperS to get to Stars as soon as I learned the Outers weren’t in… Saw Super S afterwards… still don’t know why they didn’t put them… oh well… at least us RukaxMichi fans got ourselves the Super S special hahah

  5. OMG I SOOOO AGREE WITH YOU maplenihongo!!!

    BUT I STILL THINK CHIBIUSAS CUTE though 90% of the time i want someone to kill her


  6. Yeah… Why should anyone even bother with Super S if Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru aren’t in it? S and Stars are the best 2 seasons anyway!

  7. In my personal canon, Haruka and Michiru spent the whole of SuperS getting it on, and therefore didn’t care what was going on… :-)

    According to Wikipedia, Chibiusa was very popular in Japan. I have to suppose that’s because the show was skewing towards a younger demographic. Why anyone can stand Chibiusa is beyond me.

    1. lol, love your imagination ^_^

      And yup, it’s very likely she was popular because it was targeted at the younger audience.. which is probably a reason many (older) fans liked the season least :x

    2. gosh pluto i woudn’t say that about rini u gotta protect her shes still a young kid i think shes cute right?

    3. I approve and agree with your theory. And yeah, sometimes (ie 93% of the time), I kinda wanna gouge Chibiusa’s eyes out. >_>

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