#32 Missing from SuperS

MoonSticks #32 Missing from SuperS featuring Sailor Uranus/Haruka, Sailor Neptune/Michiru and Sailor Pluto/Setsuna of the Outer Senshi

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181 thoughts on “#32 Missing from SuperS”

  1. Poor Pluto has some major issues with her dying all the time and coming back and the whole not being a planet thing.

      1. ohhh and i rember now pluto must of made her go back and live because she is the gardian of the gates of time i must be right!!!!!!!

  2. LMAO! That’s my Setsuna-sama. ^^; Don’t be sad, you exploited Toei Animation’s continuity errors and plot holes.

    It sucks that the Outers were left out. Well, Haruka and Michiru did get their SuperS, but it wasn’t the same. Michiru even pondered the thought of coming back, but Haruka (of all people) stated that “They” (meaning Moon and crew) will protect the Earth just fine.

    I love Hachiru, but they’re so darn lazy. I blame Toei though….

    Great stuff Jenn! You’ve done it again!

    1. lol, I love hearing your reaction to anything Pluto. haha! Your comment amuses me XD

      Yes, they’re bludging! XD If Nehellenia didn’t attack them in Stars they’re probably still having fun..

  3. That was really out of character for Setsuna… But I luv it anyway!!! ^.^ I think the Dream Arc of the manga is better though because the Outers are actually there… and more Chibiusa and Helios… ^.^’

    Great job, Chibi Jen.

  4. Hilarious!!!
    That is so true. They really are the coolest and it’s a real shame we didn’t get to see them more. But the punchline really knocked me off! XD
    Great job Jennifer! Keep’em coming!

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