#14 The Ayakashi Sisters’ New Life

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #14 The Ayakashi Sisters' New Life featuring Cooan/Catzy, Berthier/Bertie, Calaveras/Avery, Petzu/Prisma, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino, Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno and Sailor Mars/Rei Hino

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91 thoughts on “#14 The Ayakashi Sisters’ New Life”

  1. HAHA oh wow I thought for a second there, everybody was going to jump to conclusions and attack them or something like that lol. Cute, very good!:)

  2. By the way, I really love the happy faces of the sisters..
    How do the girls think they become evil with such happy faces and very big smiles?!! :D

    1. lol, yeah..they’re so happy and cheerful ^_^ But maybe they think they’re being possessed or something. Wouldn’t you freak out if a bunch of your friends suddenly had some big black star on their foreheads? XD

  3. Awesome, like usual^^
    I love it! Ami is soooo funny. Even in this shocking moment, she didn’t it go the book LOL
    Petz is so busy with the bags while Cooan carries nothing. Not fair I guess… hehehe :D

    out of the point ^^;
    Tomorrow is my exam, wish me luck :P

  4. Haha that is pretty clever!
    Now I wish they had used the sisters more in later seasons… I really liked them.

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