#21 Seiya’s Odango Obsession

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Douinshi #21 Seiya's Odango Obsession featuring Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

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141 thoughts on “#21 Seiya’s Odango Obsession”

  1. I wonder how Chibiusa’s hair became pink.
    I mean Usagi’s hair is Blond and Mamoru’s hair
    is Black? Hmm….. Well, that might just be a mystery
    for us fans to find out….

    1. Biologically? Don’t be silly, this is Sailor Moon :p But for the meta-reasoning, Naoko originally wanted a pink haired heroine, but that idea was rejected, so Usagi is blond. Instead, Chibi-Usa got pink hair :3

  2. xDDD i love this one!
    it always puzzles me how the enemies and other people can never figure out usagi is sailor moon..i mean, she has the same hairstyle! xDD

    in some newer anime, they have the girls’ eyes change color when she transforms..but in sailor moon they look exactly the same! lol

  3. anybody else notice there seems to be a arm and hand in the 2nd panel?????? Anyway i luv your comics chibijennifer.

  4. What I don’t get is how most of the people don’t get the concept of BLOND. I mean really there is like two blonds in Tokyo and they are both Sailor Scouts. Also why can’t some of the first villains just GO TO A DIFFERENT TOWN! Really, some of them could just go to like Russia or something and probably have no problems what so ever. Just my thoughts on some of the screw ups in the shows.

    1. As far as the first season villains go, they did go to different towns and countrys. Sailor Venus hunted them down wherever they set up shop, until she had eliminated all their non-Tokyo operations. However, all mention of Sailor V’s pre-joining-the-groop exploits were removed from the dub.

  5. yay “odango” hey “odango”hey
    just luv it soooooo much.
    just look at usagi’s eyes in comic 4.
    lol hahaha gr8 :)

  6. Its sooo crazy that nobody has noticed that Usagi is Sailor Moon!!! I mean, really, what other would have the exact same hairstyle, hair color and hair length!I mean, c’mon!!! Oh ya, this is one of my fave comic strips on this site!

    -Sailor Asteroid-

      1. thats because of the magical disguising powers of her tiara! and remember, the moon is even better disguise =D

      2. In the manga they don’t take it to these silly lengths, where seeing someone in a hero’s costume makes them unrecognizable. Usagi and Mamoru end up recognizing each other in normal clothing.

        Also in anime, the hair colors are just there as a visual effect for the audience. It’s assumed that all of the characters have normal black Japanese hair, which is why they don’t stand out like freaks in public. But for instance Makoto’s hair would be a slightly brownish-black, and Rei’s has that “so dark it almost looks purplish” appearance to it.

        The hairstyle though… I could see someone thinking “well it could be any girl with long hair, she adopts that style along with the costume”… but then seeing that exact hair on Usagi would certainly look like a giveaway.

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