Sailor Moon Oscar Selfie

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Oscar Selfie Parody featuring all the Sailor Senshi from Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon parody of Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie :)

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125 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Oscar Selfie”

  1. Nice little comics^^

    Have you ever thought of doing a Crossover with, let’s say ‘Wedding Peach’?

    Something along the lines of both groups accidentally appearing at the same time at the same place?

    While the girls all start arguing over who’s gonna finish off the respective MOTD the villain(s) sneak(s) away in the background…

  2. This is so good!!! I love how all of them somehow match with the original person in their possitions.
    And I love Minako with Yaten there <3
    You are so great

      1. Hahaha totally worth it. That’ll teach me to drink something while I’m scrolling through my notifications. XD

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