[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Senshi Character Designs

 [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal] character designs have been revealed, along with the voice acting cast AND official air date! Click here for more info on Sailor Moon Crystal and to see the trailer!!
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99 thoughts on “[Sailor Moon Crystal: Character Designs]”

  1. the positioning of rei’s scroll makes it look like she’s holding hands with mina across the panel <3

  2. And Rei will still be in high heels too this time, hope she’s got some bandages ready XDD I somewhat like it too that her hair is more purplish this time around compared to the old time’s purple highlight only. Kinda gives her a slightly different image, as Manga Rei is more serious and reserved than her 90s anime counterpart most of the times. We have yet to see her entirely in her Miko attire though (just the headshot in her civilian character design with her school uniform), because I like her when she’s wearing that outfit in particular.

    I hope there will be more than one season to this one as well, 26 episodes don’t seem enough to quench my thirst after all the wait xD

    1. haha yeah… 26 episodes for one season sounds like a good number though :) Hopefully this means less fillers and more plot! :D For me quality over quantity (not that I mind more) Obviously I also hope there will be more after that (and that they cover all 5 seasons eventually!!) Will be a long long wait though if they continue to broadcast only 2 episodes per month! It feels like we’re constantly waiting, doesn’t it? ^^”

      I like Mars’s purple hair too :3

      1. Yeah, and I hope they spread the plot evenly throughout the season so there won’t be any part that seems rushed (like the case of the Witches 5). and YES, I WOULD LOOOVE FOR ALL 5 SEASONS TO BE REBOOTED ! 8D If that does happen though, maybe a fortnightly episode would be best ? Because hopefully that gives them extra time to work on the next season so we won’t have like a year gap between each season. #wishfulthinking xD

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