Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 (Sailor Stars Arc) “SAILOR MOON COSMOS”

Sailor Moon Crystal season 5 official poster Sailor Moon Cosmos (2023)
Official poster for the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 5 movie – Sailor Moon Cosmos (2023)
Official Sailor Moon Cosmos movie poster: Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Galaxia, Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Starlights
Official Sailor Moon Cosmos movie poster
Featuring Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Galaxia, Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Starlights

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 (Sailor Stars arc) is a 2-part theatrical release titled “Sailor Moon Cosmos”. It premiered in Japanese theatres on 9th and 30th June 2023 respectively. It’s finally been announced that it will be coming to international fans on Netflix worldwide from August 22, 2024!

Like “Sailor Moon Eternal” (season 4), this final arc known as “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars” from the 90s anime series will follow closely to the manga storyline, based on Naoko Takeuchi’s vision. We’ll see new, never-before-animated characters in a fast paced action-packed finale. See below for official teasers and full trailers for both movies.

When & where can I watch “Sailor Moon Cosmos”?

“Sailor Moon Cosmos” is coming to Netflix streaming service worldwide from August 22, 2024! Both movies will be available with an English audio as well as Japanese and English subtitles.

Sailor Moon Cosmos Trailers

First teaser trailer

Second teaser trailer featuring the Sailor Starlights / Three lights!

Third teaser released featuring Sailor Galaxia, Chibichibi and Princess Kakyuu!!

Fourth teaser trailer featuring Sailor Kakyuu, brand new attacks from the outer senshi!

Theme song: Moon Flower (Tsuki no Hana) is sung by Daoko.

Where can I buy official Sailor Moon Crystal goods/merchandise?

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Are you excited for this final arc? What do you hope to see in the new movie? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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23 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 (Sailor Stars Arc) “SAILOR MOON COSMOS””

    1. Hello crystal wolfie! Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment! I didn’t exactly “quit” MoonSticks, otherwise this site wouldn’t still be around.. but I have taken a long break due to life commitments. I’m still semi-active on Facebook and Twitter so you can find us there if you’re interested!

  1. Chibi Jen, I don’t want to be one of *those* people, but would you ever consider resuming Moon Sticks again some day? I really loved them.

  2. I’ll never fathom what people see in this shallow cash-grab…

    Seriously one of the most mind-numbingly awful animes I’ve ever seen.

    Terrible dialogue. Lazy writing. Rushed narratives. Flat characters. Cheap inconsistent animation. And boring one-dimensional antagonists

    1. Well, that’s an opinion.

      The manga can be really flat compared to the 90s anime, but I also feel like there were a lot of good things that the anime just threw out. My main complaint would be that Crystal sanitized and defanged the manga too much. There are some genuinely creepy and even bloody moments that got too softened up. Not that I think you need blood and gore to tell a good story, but I think it would have had more impact. I also think there’s a lot in the Dream and Stars arc that worked out a lot better than the anime.

      And honestly, if Crystal is the very worst anime you’ve ever seen, count yourself lucky.

  3. Can’t wait my daughter really love the show I hope Netflix put English dud they forgot one little thing to make the R sailor moon movie

  4. I can’t wait season 4 on Netflix I know this is the last episode I hope Netflix putting on English dub

  5. Zero interest in this one quite frankly. The Stars arc was easily the worst part of the Manga (which is saying something).

    And after the overhyped meandering drivel that was the Eternal Movies, I’m fully expecting Toei’s usual slapdash lazy approach to adapting the source material.

    Meaning (yet) more boring one-dimensional, interchangeable, and unthreatening antagonists, whilst everyone not called Usagi will be reduced to little more than useless canon-fodder…

  6. WHOO I JUMPED OUTTA MY CHAIR WHEN I SAW THE NEWS lololol 2023 is gonna be one heck of an awesome year, first Attack on Titan final final FINAL season, and now Sailor Stars ??? Hells yea !! Let’s just hope there won’t be any more delays this time hahah xDDD

    A bit bummed about the 2 part movie format again, not gonna lie lol don’t get me wrong though, I love SM Eternal to bits but the pacing (especially the first part) was kinda too fast for my personal liking. But I guess the source material itself is that way so anything I say is a Moo Point lol

    It seems the character design looks pretty close to, if not the same as SM Eternal, no ? If so, that’s great news ! I really enjoyed Eternal’s style so I know Imma love this even more. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Shadow Galactica crews too ! Too bad we won’t be seeing more of the “Star Serious Plan” this time though lmaaoo I’m destroyed xD

    1. FINALLY!! HAHA! We all knew there would be a Sailor Stars..just a matter of when. Now we have a year! Let’s hope it doesn’t get delayed :’)

      At this point, I’m indifferent about the format. Of course seasons would allow more time to flesh it out a bit, but seeing how Crystal was it still felt rushed in episodes vs the movie.

      Agreed, the character designs look the same as Eternal.. quality appears similar from the trailer. I can’t wait to see the Star lights even though I know their roles is heaps minor compared to the 90s anime ^^” Aw.

      1. Exactlyyy !! I definitely was not expecting any news to come out this fast, so this is a very welcomed surprise ! Let’s hope they can still maintain the quality without too much delays. I have all my fingers crossed ! XD

        Yea that makes sense, it all circles back to the source material itself, after all haha.. it was more just a wishful thinking on my part, since I do like the episodic format as it’s more nostalgically appealing to me, even with the reused henshin animations and all that jazz loll xD

        At least movie format kinda guarantees that the quality would be consistently great aye so I have more faith on that end hahah and yea too bad they didn’t even tease the Starlights, but maybe we’ll get more snippets closer to the release date ! So hyped !! :]

        1. Haha I was also disappointed the Sailor Starlights weren’t shown.. but if you look closely you can see a “Three Lights” poster above Usagi’s bed, and there’s one shot of Seiya’s arm reaching out to Usagi.

          1. Yea I was expecting at least like a silhouette of them similar to the earlier opening of Sailor Stars in the 90s but oh well, maybe next time haha xD Ooo great observation though ! It’s so short and everything is happening so fast that I must’ve missed heaps of stuffs they show us lol

      1. I love sailor moon so much i totally agree i thought it had ended when i watch “sailor moon eternal” but it didn’t and i am so happy, cant wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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