Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc (Season 2)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 is the start of the series’s second arc: Black Moon. This is equivalent to the 90s anime’s second season: Sailor Moon R. The Doom Tree Arc featuring the two aliens Al and En did not exist in the manga (it is exclusive to the 90s anime storyline) so it will be skipped in Sailor Moon Crystal. Following closely to its manga source, it introduces Chibiusa as Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time!

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal for free?

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal online for free and legally here:
Crunchyroll available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America (Central & South America including Mexico)
Hulu/NeonAlley – available for US residents
Netflix – available in the USA & Canada from July 1 2021
AnimeLabavailable in Australia & New Zealand
NicoNico – available worldwide (Subtitled in 12 different languages with the original Japanese audio)

Where can I buy Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise?

Visit our Sailor Moon Shopping Guide for links to buy!

Does Sailor Moon Crystal cover all 5 seasons?

Yes! There are 5 seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal: Classic (Season 1)Black Moon Arc (Season 2), Infinity Arc (Season 3)Sailor Moon Eternal (Season 4), Sailor Moon Cosmos (Season 5).

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc Trailer:

Opening theme: Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z (Purchase the single here)
Closing theme: Moonbow by Momoiro Clover Z

Episode List:

Act 14: Conclusion and Commencement -Petite Etrangere
Act 15: Infiltration -Sailor Mars
Act 16: Abduction -Sailor Mercury
Act 17: Secret -Sailor Jupiter
Act 18: Invasion -Sailor Venus
Act 19: Time Warp -Sailor Pluto
Act 20: Crystal Tokyo –King Endymion
Act 21: Complication –Nemesis
Act 22: Hidden Agenda –Nemesis
Act 23: Covert Maneuvers –Wiseman
Act 24: Attack –Black Lady
Act 25: Showdown –Death Phantom
Act 26: Replay –Never Ending

Voice cast:
Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino: Mitsuishi Kotono (reprising role)
Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno: Hisako Kanemoto
Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino: Rina Satō
Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino: Ami Koshimizu
Sailor Venus/ Minako Aino: Shizuka Ito
Tuxedo Mask: Kenji Nojima
Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa: Misato Fukuen
Sailor Pluto: Ai Maeda
Luna: Ryo Hirohashi
Prince Dimande: Miyano Mamoru
Saphir: Yonaga Tsubasa
Rubeus: Takahashi Hiroki
Esmeraude: Kuwashima Houko

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89 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc (Season 2)”

  1. Another good episode imo, we get to see some more of Naru, Umino, and that club pres Kotono from Rei’s school (who I thought was gonna be a one-time character only XD). As Venus’ Ayakashi Sister counterpart, Calaveras not using Dark Beaut as her attack still feels a bit off for me, though. Gonna take some time to get used to, although she’s technically toast now haha..

    And yay finally it’s Puu’s time in 2 weeks ! I sure hope she’s talking to Usagi / Sailor Moon in the next ep preview and not something else, like, say, a cockroach LOL XDDD #ifyouknowwhatimean

    1. ahahaha..cockroach.. XDDD

      Yes, another great episode this week with Act 18 Sailor Venus! I’m glad they decided against having Venus captured too ^^” Black Moon Arc of Crystal has been very solid so far :D I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

      Chibiusa, is again.. and still, very adorable :3 Aww..this precious child.

  2. I like seeing “Rolling Heart Vibration” and “Smoking Bomber” and it was refreshing to see more of Naru and Umino. It was definitely a little different from the manga. Which was refreshing to see. I see so many things with the animation becoming more and more beautiful like the last. I can’t wait to see Sailor Pluto in the next Act!

  3. It almost totally stuck to the manga this episode, and we finally got to see Rolling Heart Vibration (which I was really hoping would happen). Venus was already pretty lucky in terms of character development, so I didn’t mind her not getting her own special bit like Mercury did. As a Venus fan, I can say I loved this episode.

  4. I thought the first arc was good. It was a start to test the fan waters. But this arc is really kicking butt. I love the side characters and stories in the episodes and its going to get better I think as it goes. this past episode had me tearing up haha.

  5. Hands down I like this arc better too. Kinda miss the good ol’ Ayakashi Sisters though but this is a fresh approach as well (since I did not get the chance to read the manga except for the Stars season equivalent arc), albeit being a monster of the day, they do feel more dangerous, especially Berthier, ’cause I seem to recall she’s not as scary in the original. In fact, I kinda feel she somewhat reminds me of PallaPalla in some of her scenes in SMR, or maybe it should be the other way around instead ? XD

    And you’re right about Chibi-Usa — she is much less noisy and annoying this time around hahaha (her more mature behaviour’s more like how she is in SuperS, despite this is the arc in which she shows up for the first time), but I also kinda miss her bickering with Usagi every chance she gets.. I remember their shoutings at each other used to be pretty loud and intense that my head hurts a bit XDD Her new seiyuu sounds really similar to the 90s though, which I like haha.. b(^^)d

  6. My thoughts on Act 16:
    -I absolutely loved this episode! In fact, I enjoyed both Act 15 Infiltration: Sailor Mars and “Abduction”. I seriously think the Black Moon Arc is starting off really strong! Much much better story writing than in the first arc of the Dark Kingdom :D

    – I loved how Mercury had so much good character development time. We got to see some nice backstory too.

    – I love the look of the villains so much :3 The Ayakashi Sisters looked amazing. I was a little sad that they kind of come and die (and don’t stick around like they did in the 90s) but they actually feel scary. And deadly. I’m just happy we’re able to see the sisters again but look so amazing in this new style :3

    -Chibiusa is actually very cute. She’s not annoying like she was in the 90s anime and you really feel for her. You can tell she’s just a scared lonely helpless child, and it was great to see another side of Usagi too. With Mars being captured by the Black Moon, Usagi’s feeling of desperation and despair really showed through, with her then feeling awful for putting all the blame on Chibiusa. Usagi isn’t perfect. She’s human.

    1. It was amazing. They are really fixing all that went wrong during the first arc. The art is sharper and more consistent, there’s more character development for the girls-look at the awesome job they did with Ami this episode. The swimming scene- Young (chibi) Ami was adorable! Her snow attack was gorgeous! Her connection and love regarding her friends is heartwarming and is what fuels her character forward. I’m loving this arc. They’re doing a nice job so far.

    2. It was pretty darn great! Pacing was so much better and interesting! It kept me hooked the entire episode, even though I know what happens from reading the manga! I know it happens too in the manga, but the whole Mamo puppet scene was too adorable!! It was great! I’m glad they’re lightening up the expressions! The pool scene made me actually laugh for once! I hope they keep getting better!

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