Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc (Season 2)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 is the start of the series’s second arc: Black Moon. This is equivalent to the 90s anime’s second season: Sailor Moon R. The Doom Tree Arc featuring the two aliens Al and En did not exist in the manga (it is exclusive to the 90s anime storyline) so it will be skipped in Sailor Moon Crystal. Following closely to its manga source, it introduces Chibiusa as Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time!

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal for free?

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal online for free and legally here:
Crunchyroll available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America (Central & South America including Mexico)
Hulu/NeonAlley – available for US residents
Netflix – available in the USA & Canada from July 1 2021
AnimeLabavailable in Australia & New Zealand
NicoNico – available worldwide (Subtitled in 12 different languages with the original Japanese audio)

Where can I buy Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise?

Visit our Sailor Moon Shopping Guide for links to buy!

Does Sailor Moon Crystal cover all 5 seasons?

Yes! There are 5 seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal: Classic (Season 1)Black Moon Arc (Season 2), Infinity Arc (Season 3)Sailor Moon Eternal (Season 4), Sailor Moon Cosmos (Season 5).

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc Trailer:

Opening theme: Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z (Purchase the single here)
Closing theme: Moonbow by Momoiro Clover Z

Episode List:

Act 14: Conclusion and Commencement -Petite Etrangere
Act 15: Infiltration -Sailor Mars
Act 16: Abduction -Sailor Mercury
Act 17: Secret -Sailor Jupiter
Act 18: Invasion -Sailor Venus
Act 19: Time Warp -Sailor Pluto
Act 20: Crystal Tokyo –King Endymion
Act 21: Complication –Nemesis
Act 22: Hidden Agenda –Nemesis
Act 23: Covert Maneuvers –Wiseman
Act 24: Attack –Black Lady
Act 25: Showdown –Death Phantom
Act 26: Replay –Never Ending

Voice cast:
Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino: Mitsuishi Kotono (reprising role)
Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno: Hisako Kanemoto
Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino: Rina Satō
Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino: Ami Koshimizu
Sailor Venus/ Minako Aino: Shizuka Ito
Tuxedo Mask: Kenji Nojima
Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa: Misato Fukuen
Sailor Pluto: Ai Maeda
Luna: Ryo Hirohashi
Prince Dimande: Miyano Mamoru
Saphir: Yonaga Tsubasa
Rubeus: Takahashi Hiroki
Esmeraude: Kuwashima Houko

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89 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc (Season 2)”

  1. Oh the nostalgia… xD I hope we can see Ayakashi Sisters one more time, though I doubt they’ll get much character development this time around.

    Can’t wait to see more of Setsuna hahaha for some reason she becomes a rather funny character in my head due to her behaviours in your comics XD I can never look at her as the serious individual anymore lol XDD but that just makes me love her more ! Still second to Hotaru, though ! ^^

    Well, here’s hoping the series will have a lot of improvements although I heard that Usagi’s not getting new sequence for her Moon Crystal Power transformation or something along that line (correct me if I’m mistaken tho), which frankly kinda bums me out a little because I’ve always liked the transformation sequences in the original :(

    1. Ah… I love the Ayakashi Sisters!! But yeah.. I have feeling they won’t have a big role like they did in the 90s anime :( They weren’t in the Sailor Moon Musicals either which is a shame.. still be exciting to see them in a new style :D

      lol..poor pluto. XDDD I ruined her cool serious image XD

      I hope she does get a new sequence.. I’d be pretty disappointed if it was kept the same too >.< At least.. a different soundtrack? I kind of doubt it since it wasn't in the Sailor Moon Crystal OST...

      1. Yeah, and I like the Saphir and Petz moments in the original, too. But still looking forward to seeing them as well haha..

        Or maybe same soundtrack, different sequence ? lol I’m still hoping that she gets new animation, because in the 90s that’s kinda how I determined that Sailor Moon was getting stronger each season hahaha

        1. Guess we’ll find out soon enough ^^” We already know the character intros will be the same… just swapped out the compact brooch for a new one XD Her outfit from classic to R doesn’t seem to change too much so I’m actually not expecting a new henshin

  2. So ‘SUPERCALAFREAKINAWESOME’! I can’t wait for the 2nd arc. Think the series will make it into Eternal Sailor Moon?

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