#11 Hawk’s Eye’s Dream Target

Due to some confusion over the original comic, below is an alternate ending. Click here for the original ending. Enjoy :)

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #11 - Hawkseye's Dream Target featuring The Amazon Trio Hawkseye, Tigerseye and Fisheye

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88 thoughts on “#11 Hawk’s Eye’s Dream Target”

  1. ROFL!!! Perfect ending! This one makes more sense lol!
    “She’s already dead” Lol! ^___^ Very nice!

  2. I dont get the last one… what, was the target supposed to be really old, older than in the picture?

    1. Both! The photograph of the target was an older women (which he likes), but in person she was a lot older, so really old.. and older than in the picture.

      The last frame was left quite ambiguous so you can interpret it in anyway you want, really =) Hope this clears it up!

          1. My version was that Hawkseye’s victim ended up being much younger than he expected. Like, a ten year old that had put a random picture of an older woman on the Internet to convice people that she’s really an adult, which is why they should all take her Edward Cullen obsession seriously.

            I’m not ten, btw. Nor do I like Twilight. ^_^;

          2. LOL! That’s pretty funny XD And it can actually work!! O______O He comes back traumatised by a little girl, and TigerEye teases him saying “I thought you liked older women” in other words… why did you go for a kid? XD

            Hawkseyes gets pwned either way so if it works for you, it works!! =D haha!

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