Welcome to MoonSticks – a series of adorable & humorous Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon comic strips by Chibi Jennifer. We launched back in 5th April 2009 with the goal of celebrating Sailor Moon one comic panel at a time. If you enjoy our comics, please consider buying me a coffee! Your support is very much appreciated and helps me keep the comics coming.

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About the Artist

I’m Chibi Jennifer aka Chibi Jen, a huge Sailor Moon fan from Sydney Australia. My first exposure to Sailor Moon was back in the early 90s when it appeared on free-to-air TV on Agro’s Cartoon Connection. I have a big soft spot for the classic 90s anime and the Japanese live action adaption ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon‘ (PGSM). I built my first Sailor Moon fansite in 2000 titled Chibi Land. I love drawing, cooking and Japanese culture! Feel free to check out my personal blog where I talk about Sailor Moon and other passions.

Favourite characters: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus) & Seiya Kou (Sailor Star Fighter)
Favourite couple: Usagi x Seiya, Chibiusa x Helios
Favourite season: Stars (Seiya & Usagi <3) and S (For the outer senshi)

About the site and FAQs

1. How often do you update with new comics?
It’s a bit random and sparse at the moment! Best to subscribe so you know when.

2. Can I re-post your comics onto my site/blog/tumblr/forum?
Yes you can! Just remember to credit link back to Moonsticks.org so others know where it came from :) (Please don’t crop off or edit our comics)

3. Can I edit your comics?
Sorry, no (unless you’re translating and removing the speech text). Also, please don’t make money off them (I don’t)

4. Can I translate your comics into my own language?
Yes, but please provide an accurate translation and credit link back to MoonSticks.org (Please don’t crop off the credits from our comics)

5. I have an awesome/funny comic idea! Do you take suggestions?
Suggestions are always welcome. I appreciate them even if I don’t end up using it :) Contact me here.

6. What’s ‘MoonSticks’ exactly? How did you come up with this name?
It’s a pun, referring to Sailor Moon’s wand (Moon Stick) and ‘stick’ figure drawings :3

7. Are you making comics for ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’?
Check them out here. See more on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal here.

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246 thoughts on “About”

  1. I Love Sailor Moon Sooo Much! Can’t Wait To Watch The New Season,”The Pretty Sailor Solider Sailor Moon Crystal! Oh By The Way Can’t Wait For The New Comic!

  2. I think your comics deserve much more attention!
    Yonkoma comics are my favorite and yours are fun and very accurate ^^
    Maybe the new Sailor Moon anime will give you enough inspiration (and motivation) to continue the series :)

  3. Starlight English dub names
    Seiya/Star Fighter: Justin
    Taiki/Star Maker: Jordan
    Yaten/Star Healer: Jullian

    the new sailor moon anime I think is fan made
    is it Sailor Moon Sacrifice (dark revenge)?

  4. Wow, I am just completely impressed. Your style is beautiful even if all of your work is humorous and you really nail everything all Sailor Moon fans have wondered these past two decades. I love it and I can’t wait for you to continue!

  5. Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you for doing such amazing work in http://moonsticks.org/. Your comic strips are adorable and hilarious!
    Sailor Moon is somewhat of an obsession for me (and Zelda as well), so I have to say I am loving your work very much.
    I already liked your page on FB and I’m also following you on twitter. :D
    Keep up the good work n__n

  6. Are you by any chance, the same Chibi Jennifer from chinesepaladin.org and crystal-yifei.net?

    I just found moonsticks.org recently when I re-discovered my love for Sailor Moon. This site is great, really cheering me up when I was under a lot of stress ^^. Thank you!

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