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#83 Usagi’s Famous Odango Hairstyle

34 Comments Sailor Moon comic strip: Usagi Sailor Moon's iconic Odango Hairstyle and all the characters who rock the same buns!

Seiya’s not the only odango loving one ;) Have you tried rocking this hairstyle?

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Usagi: Hey kiddo, that's my hairstyle!
Chibiusa: No, it's my mum's hairstyle!

*Queen Serenity walks in and interrupts them*: Excuse me, but...
*Usagi and Chibiusa are both surprised*

*Cooan walks in next to Queen Serenity*: Did you say...
*Usagi is looking alarmed*

*Human Luna, Tellu, Sailor Iron Mouse, Queen Nehellenia and Chibichibi surround Usagi*: Your hairstyle?!
*Usagi & Chibiusa looking terrified*: AHHHHHHH