#78 Sailor Moon Fans Be Like

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujin #77 Watch out Mamo-chan! featuring Usagi/Sailor Moon, Seiya Kou, Haruka Tenou, Prince Demand, Ail and Umino/Melvin. All of Usagi's pursuer.

Who else is guilty of wanting to buy everything?! *raises hand* :’D
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142 thoughts on “#78 Sailor Moon Fans Be Like”

  1. I have some of this but the smaller versions of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon’s lockets, Sailor Venus’s Star Power Stick, the Other Senshi Lip Rods and Chibi Moon’s Pink Moon Stick that came with it and the Cutie Moon Rod. And the big version of the Moon Stick.

  2. And new products are continuing to pop up. There’s so many that I want but my parents always ask me what I’ll do with the items once I have them. In my head I’m like “I’m going to display all this stuff obviously!” I’d LOVE to get the Proplicas but they’re so expensive!!!! I do know for sure that I’m going to save up the money to buy the Sailor Moon ornament. It’s so pretty!!!! I don’t care that it’s over $70 and will easily be the most expensive ornament I ever own. It’s sooooooo pretty and I love the artwork!!!!! I will cherish it forever!

    Sailor Moon stuff I own: a hand-made Super Sailor Moon magnet that I got at a craft show, Sailor Moon Play-A-Sound book (it still plays sound!), the entire manga series (including Sailor V and the Side Stories), 3 T-Shirts from Hot Topic, Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet 4 Cosmic Heart Compact, Funko Pop Sailor Moon and Luna (Hot Topic exclusive version), and a Sailor Moon metal bracelet (also got from a craft store). I get all my clothes at Hot Topic now and usually find some other pretty cool stuff there too.

  3. That is so me! lolXD

    I can definitely relate to panel 4 as I am still waiting for Sailor Stars stuff :) (Smile)

  4. the only Sailor Moon merch I own:

    * The first half of the original first season re-dubbed by Viz Media.

    * two chapter books by Scholastic from when Sailor Moon R was on Toonami.

    * two volumes of manga (the Kodansha Comics re-release).

    * A T-Shirt I got on Black Friday.

  5. I’m sort of like that, but with Yu Yu Hakusho media. =w=; (Which is funny, consider the Author of YYH is married to the Author of Sailor Moon)

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