#78 Sailor Moon Fans Be Like

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujin #77 Watch out Mamo-chan! featuring Usagi/Sailor Moon, Seiya Kou, Haruka Tenou, Prince Demand, Ail and Umino/Melvin. All of Usagi's pursuer.

Who else is guilty of wanting to buy everything?! *raises hand* :’D
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143 thoughts on “#78 Sailor Moon Fans Be Like”

  1. Yeah, very accurate :D
    I love how everything in the last pannel is a real product.

    Some of them have been… sort of weird, to put it so. I remember telling some friends about the Sailor Moon crystal marriage paperwork and they overreacted so much while I was like ‘wait, so I never told you about the Sailor Moon Crystal pads?’ o.O

  2. Keep ’em coming! I don’t want them to rest until they’ve released every SM Proplica, Figuart, and Pullip!!!! Hell, I want them to release Prolicas and Figuarts from PGSM as well!

  3. that bag >__< i want….i almost bought….but i felt awkward T_T because i already have 31 years….
    __ __" still want this things

  4. It is quite amazing that they are still making “20th anniversary” merch- it sells so well it would be very silly just to stop

  5. so true! my bank account and boyfriend aren’t happy about it at all … to much sailor moon in the apartement ^^

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