#76 Moon Tiara…. Power Up!

Sailor Moon Crystal Comic Strip 'Moon Tiara.... Power Up!' featuring Sailor Moon and her various tiara power-up forms

Moon Tiara…Boomerang? Did it just revert back to the beginning? 8D As a fan of the 90s Sailor Moon… I found the tiara power ups pretty amusing. Especially the one that reminds me of horns XD

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196 thoughts on “#76 Moon Tiara…. Power Up!”

  1. PLZ, make more of these! Why did u stop? I want more! They are so good, funny and cool! I enjoy them soooooo much, please update as soon as possible! Luv u! :) sorry for being so desperate and I hope I didn’t rush up you too much… I just like your ideas so much! :(

  2. Omg am I the only that was like OMG we already know Venus isn’t the princess because she isn’t the main character

    1. haha I’m sure you’re not alone XD I thought that a lot when I was a kid! Then again, it also doesn’t help that I was first exposed to the English version where they already revealed Sailor Moon was the Moon Princess right from the start XD

  3. Ive been wondering the same also her tiara got a upgrade now it just turned normal or maybe because when she became princess she had the crescent on her forehead and then he got a new transformation and uhhhh *mind blow* im so confused

  4. and as so the tiara stopped being used as a blunt weapon forever… goddamit naoko, all the other sailors got to keep their new attacks and add them to their repertoire…

    1. the Sehlr Skkwad would, I mean they ALWAYS help Crystal Sailor Moon catch the baddies and they NEVER are useless….

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