#76 Moon Tiara…. Power Up!

Sailor Moon Crystal Comic Strip 'Moon Tiara.... Power Up!' featuring Sailor Moon and her various tiara power-up forms

Moon Tiara…Boomerang? Did it just revert back to the beginning? 8D As a fan of the 90s Sailor Moon… I found the tiara power ups pretty amusing. Especially the one that reminds me of horns XD

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196 thoughts on “#76 Moon Tiara…. Power Up!”

  1. I am Sailor Sun, guardian of hope and forgiviness, and on behalf of this solar system’s star, I command you to make more comics!!!!

  2. i wish she kept the bull horn tiara. It looks so pretty (i actually gave one of my otaku characters the tiara)

  3. Whoa, it’s been a while!
    And just imagine if Crystal went all the way to the end – remember how Eternal Moon only has that crescent mark on her forehead instead of a proper tiara?

      1. Hey, Chibi Jennifer! I saw your website but it was great! And I just put promoted the moderator of your website’s Google+ profile to my Google+ community of Sailor Moon Universe. You earned it. :-)

          1. Oh, that’s okay then but it’s not afraid to you. It’s the right things to do when your became of the one, Jennifer. Then I know you can do this no matter what. I know you can.

  4. Lol! This is so true!!
    Though the same thing happened in Crystal with her new brooch, after receiving it her transformation didn’t even change one bit. XD

  5. That was something I never really understood in the manga, lol. Unless she made it simpler again so it was easier to draw??

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