#72 Why Everyone Attacks Tokyo

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #72 Jadeite's Awesome Idea featuring Jadeite and Queen Beryl from the Dark Kingdom

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178 thoughts on “#72 Why Everyone Attacks Tokyo”

  1. Just sayin, if they assaulted a Twilight opening at the theatres, they would have never needed to gather energy again.

  2. Lol that’s Queen Beryl for ya!

    Oh and I just noticed that in the anime and manga and just in general Jedite kind of looks like Haruka! Like legit. Who agrees with me? Probably no one :p

  3. lol unforuntaely they cant attack the states either cuz we got superheroes and nukes

  4. The same problem crops up in Super Sentai, as well. I’m sure all of the different main villains have a club meeting and decide where funds go, and they NEVER go into travel EVEN THOUGH SOME OF THEM CAN TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE. (This is probably how Beryl got the Putty Patrol on loan in the live-action Sailor Moon XD)

    1. Whyyy not? I want Jadeite to come visit me in Aus!!! If he did, I’d hug him to deatttttthhhhhhhh *w*

        1. Yep. NOOOOTHINGGGGG. Except maybe… Um… Give me a minute…


          Nope. I can’t think of anything. Nothing happens here.

  5. haha, i’m sure this has gone through everyone’s mind at least once. and loving the colored comics, they look great!

  6. Yeah ALWAYS thought this. If you in another country they can’t stop you. Cept for the teleport but it would still be too late. Them conveniently always being there was the only annoying thing about the series.

  7. Wait why would Jadeite need a plane ticket if their base is all the way in the Antarctic? Couldn’t he just teleport there or is it like Pokémon logic where you need to be in a new place first before flying (in this case teleporting) there?

  8. Another thing that’s occurred to me: even if the bad guys relocated somewhere Senshi-free, wouldn’t they just Sailor Teleport there and kick their asses all the same? Sure, Jadeite didn’t live long enough even to see Sailor Jupiter awaken. But still, if someone else were to take up on the idea, even Zoisite or Kunzite, Sailor Teleport would still beat that. That’s how they made it to the Dark Kingdom’s home base up at the North Pole, after all.

    1. It would still make things a lot more difficult though. There’s no way the senshi would have been able to stop them so quickly each time since it would take time for them to even realise the enemies were attacking (especially if they were discreet about it) If they were all in Japan, and the bad guy is over in China or something, how would they know? And when they are figured out, they could target a different area.
      I still feel like, despite Sailor Teleport, their plans would still be a lot more effective than attacking just walking distances from the Sailor Senshi.

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