#71 Mamoru Belongs to Me! Part II

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujin #71 Mamoru Belongs to Me! Part II featuring Chiba Mamoru, Fiore, Black Lady, Mimete, FishEye and En

Part I: #70 Mamoru Belongs to Me!

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  1. Okay I want clear up the whole “Chibiusa’s relationship with her old man” to tell you the truth it’s not incest. That right you heard me chibiusa’s relationship with Mamoru is… NOT INECESTUOUS. Believe it or not Chibiusa is suffering from the electra complex or utterly known as the oedipus complex. Now for those out that don’t know what that is take high school psychology classes. But to those who want to know well the answer is simply three words: Daddy’s Little Girl. Still don’t get? Well then the concept very simple. At age of 3 through 6, young children will develop this mental syndrome: known as the Oedipus complex. What Oedipus complex is stage in a child’s growth development that they begin to identify what love is. However the child doesn’t know how to decipher what is romantic love compared to unconditional love. To the child love is the same through and though, yet it isn’t. This is why a child will be “attracted” to the opposite sex parent, and will try to shut the same sex parent out of the “relationship” that the child and opposite parent have.
    Good news is by the time the child is 7 to their teen years that child has grown out of it. However those at home with a sibling that hasn’t grown out the oepidus complex by the age of seven or older, better by an appointment with a child psychiatrist admittedly…

    As for Mamoru… Maaaaaka CHOP!
    Maka Chop xD by DeathDareDevil
    *yelling* “Quit being a womanizer!”
    Oh and Usagi grow up will ya Chibiusa obviously gets the brattiness from you.

    now does anyone have a question about this?

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