#66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

MoonSticks #66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack! comic featuring Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S

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83 thoughts on “#66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack!”

  1. About time this happens XDD

    I mean srsly, in SMS movie she feels dizzy when she’s being surrounded by the spinning Snow Dancers. Nek minnit, “MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTAAACK !” while spinning like a helicopter rotor xD

      1. True dat xD

        In real time the attacks and the henshin scenes must be pretty plain and quick, like how they do some of them in the SuperS movie and some PGSM episodes respectively.

        But instead they did such a good job to make the parts that I did not want to miss as a kid whenever I was watching Sailor Moon XD

  2. OMG. That scenario is EXTREMELY likely to happen! She’s so klutzy! Hahaha. I’m simply amazed at all the gymnastics she pulls off as Sailor Moon.

  3. You really do have to wonder how she doesn’t end up doing that in the anime. She’s a natural klutz, it should have happened by now!
    Honestly, why haven’t the villains realized and capitalized on this that they could easily save themselves from being sparkle blitzed to death by putting a pole in her way at the last minute!?

    You are a brilliant person for making this and deserve some cookies. <3

  4. Usagi: The… pain… (Faints)

    Everybody else: Sailor Moon!

    Other Senshi who is NOT one of the Inners: (Blasts MOTD to oblivion)

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