#66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

MoonSticks #66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack! comic featuring Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S

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83 thoughts on “#66 Moon Spiral Heart Attack!”

  1. Funny. It’s like the episode 90 (or 96?), where Venus want the bad guys to steal her heart, because she wants to be wanted for her kindness. Then, Sailor Moon appears, she twirls and she suddenly stops.

        1. ahaHAHAA~

          She also does a lot of twirls in her henshin sequence, especially in S. She seems pretty flexible there with her leg sticking up high XD Pretty incredible aye ;)

  2. XD

    I guess twirling around a lot has its disadvantages. Especially when you don’t look where you’re going. :D

    1. haha XD I always found it amusing that she’s able to spin around like that and NOT get sick or dizzy..especially since she’s always so clumsy and tripping and stuff XD

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