#61 Dark Kingdom’s Success

MoonSticks #61 Dark Kingdom's Success featuring Kunzite/Malachite, Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon

P.S For those wondering about the last frame, here’s a tip ;D

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149 thoughts on “#61 Dark Kingdom’s Success”

  1. Deep in my soul a love so strong it takes control love we both know the secrets bear the feelings show driven far apart i make a wish on a shooting star there will come a day somewhere far away in your arms I’ll stay my only love even though you’re gone love will still live on the feeling is so strong my only love my only love

  2. For malachite

    I want you to be named Kunzite again

    –Sailor Eris, vivite

    Ps Zoychite approves the name Kunzite too
    PSS I hope you like the comic
    PSSS I hope it doesn’t mock you too much

    Why am I speaking to the dead?


    1. damn.. I did not post my comments with the right name.. T.T

      GOMEN! It’s late and I’m tired xD so.. sorry ^^’ ♥

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